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Monarch Excellence is proud to offer Monarch courses for real estate agents – for those who are eager to succeed at a higher level.  Whether you are thinking about real estate as a career, to those that have “been around the block” – our Monarch courses will help you excel and succeed at serving your clients for a lifetime.

Monarch Courses:

fast track your real estate career, courses
Fast Track Your Real Estate Career
luxury real estate 101, courses
Luxury Real Estate 101
monarch courses, lifestyle concierge
Lifestyle Concierge: Going Beyond the Transaction
monarch courses
The Monarch of Luxury









Real Estate isn’t as easy as some people think.  And while all who get into real estate are eager to make a good living, not all agents are created equal.  Unfortunately, our industry doesn’t have the best reputation as a whole.

At Monarch, we are doing our part to make an impact on trying to improve that.

Our Philosophy:  Only a foolish man builds his house on sand.

Monarch Excellence will help YOU build the right foundation. Success lies in the stability of starting with the strongest cornerstone.  From there you build, what we call, your House of Service.

Whether you are thinking about real estate, just starting out or need a reboot for your real estate career; we’ve got you covered with our Monarch courses for real estate!!

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