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monarch courses, lifestyle conciergeWhat sets any agent apart from another is the experience they create with their client.  Offering more and delivering more and Lifestyle Concierge services can make the difference that takes a client from one transaction to a lifetime.

This Monarch course – Lifestyle Concierge: Going Beyond the Transaction – provides you with the framework to enhance the experience you give to your client.  From first impressions to impressions that linger well beyond the initial introduction, this course gives you the road map to connecting with your client on a service level that is 100% about them.


Next Class Opens August 1st!!

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Lifestyle Concierge: Going Beyond the Transaction includes:

  • A list of services you can offer to your clients that strengthen and elevate the real estate transaction
  • How to create your own vendor/partner list for the concierge services
  • The language and conversation to have with your team to create a consistent service offering
  • What you need to know to facilitate the additional services: how to offer them AND charge for them (when appropriate), plus the systems to implement successfully


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