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The Monarch of Luxury

monarch courses, the monarch of luxuryThe Monarch of Luxury real estate course is all about providing the FULL service real estate experience.  When you are dealing with clients that have a level of wealth that allows them to own multiple properties, they require an expertise that few real estate agents can provide.

This Monarch course allows you to be all that client will ever need, the only phone call they need to make when it comes to their real estate.  From beginning, to closing and beyond; The Monarch of Luxury course will help you create, not only an additional stream of income, but a relationship with your client that continues between each real estate transaction.


Next Class Opens Fall 2016

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Please Note: this course is for an established agents only – you will be required to authenticate your dollar volume and/or transaction volume to be considered.


The Monarch of Luxury includes:

  • A list of services you can offer your clients that strengthen and elevate the real estate transaction: before, during and beyond
  • How to understand what the real costs are for the client to purchase a property, beyond the purchase price: the operational costs, the maintenance costs, the staffing costs and more.
  • How to create your own vendor/partner list for the concierge services
  • The language and conversation to have with your team to create a consistent service offering
  • What you need to know to facilitate the additional services: how to offer them AND charge for them
  • The systems to implement both the concierge service offerings plus the estate management services successfully

The luxury market is growing exponentially every year.  Regardless of where the real estate market is, the ultra high net worth (UHNW) individual has money to continue to work and play with.   Let Monarch show you how to service this level of client and have them coming back for more!!

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