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ToolsIn Course 8, Prospecting & Networking, there will be more details on prospecting, but I feel strongly that the Greatness Tracker is such a “sure thing” that I not only wanted to give it it’s own section; I wanted to give it to you earlier in the Training, so you can GET TO IT!!

With that said, below are links to additional tools that will help you stay organized and create systems for your own business.  To give you a broader view, when you are closing a minimum of 4 deals per month for at least 3 months in a row, that is when you can consider hiring an assistant.  So, knowing that now, it will give you some insight into how important it is to create these systems now.  Not only will it help you succeed in your closing ratio, but it will also give your future assistant a structure to work within when they come on board!!


The link below is a great “generic” calendar so you can determine how to allot your time and how best to use it.

Another “quick fix” to saving time and delegating tasks is a Virtual Assistant.  The best and least expensive I have found is Fancy Hands.

CRM = Customer Relationship Management

This may be 3 simple letters, BUT it’s a mouth full.  It’s equally as important as the Greatness Tracker, unfortunately, there’s SO many options to choose from.  From the basic email marketing tool, like Constant Contact, to the complex and diverse real estate specific Top Producer.  This, just as your own branding, is going to be a specific decision by you regarding which tool best suits you.  Please click the photo below to connect to a great article that will give you options – simple to ones that can grow with you.

CRM for RE





And when all else fails – just go the trusted GOOGLE search.  (click the link for your convenience)

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